Thursday 17 September 2015

Windows Store Development

Was my last blog really back in 2011???

Well it's been a while, but though I'd start re-using all those skills from many years ago building Silverlight web apps and try and apply them to brave new world of Windows 10 Apps or as Microsoft would say Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

I must admit it's been a bit frustrating due to the many paths .NET has taken over the years  (WPF,Silverlight, WinRT, etc ) to find out exactly how to perform even the most basics of tasks such as reading a text file. But a great place to start is the the UWP Samples on Github. At least now the primary focus appears to have moved back to c# for the development of apps, if not games, on Windows Desktop so it's great to see so many examples on Github compared to the days of Windows 8.1 which were mainly Javascript/C++.

I look forward to publishing my trials and tribulations of App development over the coming months.

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